We’re proud of our work.


"We care deeply about our craft and value working with the land to produce wines we are proud of."


Tres Goetting — Winemaker

As a 28 year veteran Napa Valley enologist and viticulturalist, Tres has made his mark at several Napa Valley wineries. After earning a degree in agricultural science from Humboldt State University, he rose from the cellar to Assistant Winemaker at St. Clement Vineyards. After a harvest in New Zealand, he landed back in Napa at Ladera Vineyards where he honed his skills working with high elevation Bordeaux varieties on Howell Mountain. 

He then went on to become the winemaker for the highly respected Krupp Brothers label at Stagecoach Vineyard. Tres has also made wine for the prestigious Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, as well as Valley of the Moon winery in Sonoma where he worked with old vine Zinfandel. This lead to Tres’s current role as winemaker for Robert Biale where he crafts wines from some of the oldest and most historic vineyards in California. Aesop is Tres’s first solo wine project.


"Aesop is an attention to detail; It's an obsession to constantly improve."


Matt Carvalho — Partner

Over the past twelve years, Matt has worked with some of the largest brands in the world including Nike, Amazon, Google and Adobe as well as help launch new brands such as Molekule, Plume, Aether and Voyaguer Du Temps. Matt’s ablilty to work across multiple mediums and disciplines has prepared him to bring a well balanced set of experiences and perspectives to the Aesop brand. Additionally Matt has won several prestigious awards for his design work.

Throughout the course of his career, Matt has had the chance to create work for some of the industries most sought after agencies including Mekanism, Evolution Bureau, BKWLD and Character.


13 things we believe:

1. Aesop is a story, not a product
2. Do it right, or don't do it at all
3. Share wine with strangers
4. Travel more
5. Learn a new language
6. Tell the truth
7. Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something
8. Take risks
9. Make things you love
10. Study history
11. Don’t like something just because someone else does
12. Join a band
13. Stay a rebel


Handmade in Napa, California.


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