Introducing Gather

Private wine tasting for friends.


Aesop Gatherings are private get-togethers for you and your friends to connect over wine.


A toast to friendship.

Spend time with friends over a glass of wine. It can be anything from a relaxed night with the girls in yoga pants, to a black tie formal event and everything in between. It’s about slowing down and being in the moment, widening our circle of friends, and connecting with the people in our lives that matter most.

You invite your friends, we bring the wine.


Have questions? Contact us, we’d love to help.


How it works



Pick a date and location for your gathering.


Invite a small group of your closest friends.


We bring the wine to you.


What you get



Complimentary wine tasting.


Preferencial pricing on wine orders.


Aesop winemaker or owner pouring wine at your gathering.


Have questions? Contact us, we’d love to help.




We created Aesop Gatherings to help people come together and celebrate friendship.


We take immense pride in the wine we make, and it is our goal to share it with as many people as possible. To us a glass of wine with a close personal friend is one of the most beautiful experiences we have as humans.

Cheers to you and yours,



Common questions


How much does it cost?

The tasting is free! We just require a minimum one case purchase (12 bottles) made up to 72 hours before your gathering.

What wines do you pour?

We will pour our latest release of Aesop wines.

Can I choose the selection of wine for my tasting?

Yes, you can choose any available Aesop wines for the tasting. One of our team members will work with you to make sure you get the exact wines you want.

How do I know how much wine to purchase?

Typically, one case is plenty, but of course, this depends on how many people are invited. We will work with you to make sure that the correct amount of wine is supplied.

I don’t live in California, can I still have a gathering?

Due to limited production, we have been focusing our gatherings in California. If you are interested in hosting an event outside of California, there are additional costs associated with these events. Please contact us and we will do everything within our power to assist you with your event.


How many people should I invite?

We suggest inviting roughly 35-40 people. This typically will result in 12-15 people attending your gathering. This is ideal.

Who should I invite?

We recommend inviting close friends if it’s a personal party. Gatherings are also successful in professional settings such as cocktail Fridays or company retreats. Aesop gatherings are a great way to connect with friends, neighbors, colleagues or anyone else you know that enjoys great wine.

What do I have to buy or prepare for my gathering?

Small bites such as cheese and charcuterie is recommended. We don’t bring food as part of the tasting, but if you need a little help with a recommendation, we would love to make some suggestions.

Do I need my own wine glasses?

Nope, we’ve got you covered. We will bring glassware for no additional cost.

How long does the gathering last?

The tasting itself will last approximately 30 minutes. We typically stay and pour wine for roughly two hours. We are totally flexible, so we will gladly do what is required to make sure the event is a success.


It’s easy to get started.

Wine and friends. Two things everyone loves.


Have questions? Contact us, we’d love to help.


Handmade in Napa, California.


Purchase 3 or more bottles and shipping is FREE.