Vintage Notes

The 2016 growing season was near-perfect with an early start and ideal weather conditions throughout. A relatively steady and mild July and August and then a series of warm days at the end of the growing season, vineyards were able to progress to perfect ripeness. The season wrapped up beautifully as the first significant fall rainstorm arrived on October 14th – just after the last of our grapes were picked. 

Harvest Dates: 9-6-16 (Sangiovese) to 9-27-16 (Zinfandel)

Tasting Notes

A beautiful bubblegum hue sets the tone for this delicious wine. The nose is treated to cherry and plum blossoms, fresh apricot, golden apple, Bartlett pear, watermelon Jolly Rancher, saline, chalk dust, fresh herb such as thyme, sage and rosemary. This wine has a pleasing saliva-inducing tartness, and a savory gentle touch of red wine tannins. Best to drink in its first year of release.

Optimum serving temperature: 46° F – 58° F. 



Only — 2 Barrels Produced